Masters of Architecture

Year of 2020

Graduation Show

Resilient Futures

Introduction To M.Arch 2020

The SUTD M.Arch program aims to develop the new generation of technological leaders and innovators in and beyond the disciplines of architecture and planning. To nurture individuals who can adapt to a world of changing needs and positively contribute to the built environment and society in general.

It is the belief of the school that at a master’s level this can be realised by empowering students to undertake a self-motivated and research-intensive approach. To interrogate the status quo in a critical way and explore how the current state of the art in science, technology, and cultural thinking might be applied to conceive of new formulations and solutions to todays problems. Ultimately to produce a better world by design.

Students have germinated their ideas over the internship. Developed their ideas into deep understanding of the topic during the thesis preparation term. And envisioned their final design over the thesis term.

In the following pages we capture the fruits of this hard work that all the students have achieved this year. We welcome you to look at the “Projects Page” to see a full list of the projects.

As the the topics, scales, locations, and faculty mentors have been broad we have developed a “Explore Page” which allows people to see the flows and collection of students over these fields.

We hope that you will enjoy the projects, the proud output over a difficult year.

Sam Joyce
Director of the M.Arch Programme

Erwin Viray
Head of Pilliar
Architecture and Sustainable Design

Message From the Head of Pilliar

This past year, COVID has taken the world by storm. Lives were disrupted, the unimaginable became the new norm, the usual became taboo, the future became now. As we emerge from this unprecedented time, the bamboo offers us a valuable lesson. Resilience.

In questioning the times we are in, we ask:

What are we doing?
How are we doing?
Why are we doing?
Are we changing?
Are we not changing?

In questioning resilience, we present the manifestations of the different interpretations through the M.Arch Class of 2020’s dialogues and designs.

Resilient Futures is the theme for the 2020 Master of Architecture Thesis showcase. With a ‘Research Praxis’ focus, it envisions how, through research design, technology and society, we can build a new future from the occurrences in 2020. In multiple narratives, our students present works from a range of restorative, adaptive, restive and transformative architecture. Sustainability and technology remain the twin thrusts underlying all projects.

Some of our students have been studying Bamboo and how it can help create architecture, to shape an environment. The bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world; it can grow up to forty inches within a twenty-four hour time frame. The bamboo is a symbol of longevity; it survives the harshest of conditions, bending with the wind but never breaking, capable of adapting to any circumstance.

In life as in architecture, the spirit of the bamboo relates to our conditions, as our graduates embark on their professional journey, may they not forget about the bamboo. The future holds myriad possibilities, given the foundations they have at SUTD, I am confident that they will do well. Congratulations to M.Arch Class of 2020, here is wishing you all the best!

Erwin Viray

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