Singapore University of Technology and Design
Architecture + Sustainable Design
Material Computation: Advanced Topics in Geometry and Matter
20.301 | 20.527
Source: Otto, Frei, Bodo Rasch, and Sabine Schanz. Freí Otto, Bodo Rasch: finding form: towards an architecture of the minimal. Fellbach: Axel Menges, 2006.


Students enrolled will gain insight into synthetic design processes and build up on the foundational skills taught in ASD core subjects including: computational geometry, computational structural analysis, experimental optimization, and digital fabrication. Students will be expected to complete a design project which demonstrates their understanding of the relationship between geometry and matter and their ability to creatively interpret analytical information.


Dr. Jason Lim


Anirudh Gajendra Rathi
Elvin Kee Jun Yew
Xiao Yiming
Benjamin Chong Mun Choen
Chin Kee Ting
Song Tingxuan
Chiew Jia Hui

Loo Wei Sheng Dixon
Tai YuJie
Nicholas Lim JunYuan
Lee Yin Jie
Kwang Kai Jie
Tan Zhi Sheng
Tsou Li Tian Matthew
Lee Song Lin