Gifu Cultural Center: Gateway

This project is inspired by Tori, an entrance in the Japanese temple that symbolizes one’s passage from the mortal world to the spiritual world. The Gifu Civic Center sits at a busy crossroad, next the Kogane Park which is adjacent to the Kogane Shrine. Currently, the Gifu Civic Center resembles a solid block that slices the Kogane Park from the street, while occupying the historical approach to the much respected shrine. Hence, my design intervention centers around opening up the civic center into a gateway from the street to the park at a physical level, as well as a gateway from the hectic modern lifestyle to a slower traditional lifestyle. This, I find, is the best way to care for the modern because modernity is built upon traditions. Tradition to me is a set of valuable creations that stand the trial of time. In the renovated Gifu Civic Center with a closer relationship with the street, the park and the shrine, I hope visitors can find a place to enjoy the traditions created by the past generations as well as create new traditions for the future to enjoy.