Lee Song Lin

1:500 model showing addition at the intersection of the 2 existing gardens
Ground plan of addition and Galleria Borghese
Below ground plan showing tunnel connecting addition to Galleria Borghese
Exterior perspective of the addition’s roof, a modern extension of the existing gardens for the public (not just paying visitors) to enjoy
Exterior perspective of the entrance to the addition (which has a more subdued presence compared to the Galleria Borghese), through the existing gardens, which has a 1:1 replica of the Borghese Gladiator
Interior perspective of the additional gallery, showing interaction between natural light and sculpture, and miniature replicas of sculptures for visitors (including the visually impaired) to touch
Interior perspective of the additional gallery, showing the interaction between gardens and sculpture
Interior perspective of the tunnel connecting the addition to the Galleria Borghese, showing natural light coming in from the top to illuminate the space and the paintings below ground. Miniature bas relief models of the paintings help the visually impaired ‘see’ the paintings through touch.
Bas relief model of Caravaggio’s painting ‘Young Sick Bacchus’ to help the visually impaired ‘see’ the painting through touch
Section perspective showing the tunnel connecting the new additional gallery to the Galleria Borghese, which takes inspiration from the Scala Regia.
1:100 section model of the Scala Regia, a grand ceremonial stairway leading to the Vatican Palace restored by Gian Lorenzo Bernini
1:100 section model of Scala Regia, viewed from the entrance
Geometric analysis of the Scala Regia identifying converging elements that Bernini uses to create forced perspectives
Model of spatial construct based on the Scala Regia, making an elliptical path look like a circular path
Model of spatial construct based on the Scala Regia, creating an illusion of a circular path, viewed from the opposite end

This addition ties two experiences together: the gardens outside the Galleria Borghese, and the art inside. It is also an extension of the Galleria Borghese’s art and gardens, but with a more modern interpretation.

Walkthrough video