Complesso di Galleria Borghese

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Inspired by the lines of action in one of Bernini’s statues, The Rape of Proserpina, the form of the project is very organic, with the extensions peeling away from the ground along a curve. Programmes are split into 3 main blocks, with the original Galleria Borghese at the centre. The complex is of an asymmetrical typology, inspired by the asymmetry in most of Bernini’s statues.

Analysis and Form Finding

Site Analysis

Analysis of Galleria Borghese

Form Finding Process

Physical Models

Spatial Construct
Spatial Construct
Sculpture Analysis Model
Detail of Sculpture Model
Tiles for Visually Impaired
Tiles for Visually Impaired
Tiles for Visually Impaired

Pictures of Models

Extended Gallery Block

Main Entrance
Gallery Space
Gallery Space
Gallery Space
Entrance to Extension
Reception Area

Academic Block

External View of Academic Block
Studios and Workshops
Inside of Studios
Lecture Theatre

Residential Block

External View of Residential Block
Residential Suites

Section Perspective

Rendered Section Perspective


Lower Ground Plan
Ground Floor Plan