DISRUPTOR | Galleria Borghese

Melvin Wong Weijie

The Villa Borghese is the third largest garden in Rome and it once served as a party destination for the Borghese Family. Designed by Giovanni Vasanzio for Camillo Borghese to contain his collection of artworks, Galleria Borghese is one of many villas located within the premises of the gardens.

Site Plan | Galleria Borghese within the larger Villa Borghese

Today, the Galleria only allows 360 visitors at a time according to 2 hour allotments. Given that the Borghese Collection from the Louvre will be returning to its original premises, Disruptor aims to resolve the fundamental problem of the lack of space to consume and to store art.

Also, by utilizing a multi-sensory approach, Disruptor aims to create a conducive gallery experience for the visually impaired.

Concept Diagrams | Identify, Disrupt, Split, Welcome, Beautify
Plans | +0.00M, -5.50M
Multi-sensory Approach | Visually Impaired
Sectional Perspective | A-A Cut
Sectional Perspective | B-B Cut
Centaur and Cupid
Themed Courtyard
Gallery Space
Open Air Amphi-theatre