Car Park Flyover | Huang Sirui Serene

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Option Studio: Above, Under and Beyond
Instructor: Khairudin Saharom

Perspective of the Car Park Flyover

The Car Park Flyover seeks to be a commercial park that creates an exciting journey for visitors while hinting at the historically rich site. It embodies the concept of coexisting dichotomies, as did Katong Park. Identified as the heart of the site, Katong Park’s significant moments are identified to create moments on the flyover. Through the preservation and adaptive reuse of the road and cars, the original purpose is reinterpreted in the new context, highlighting the importance of history even in a new period.

Site Analysis

By referencing the locations of key elements of Katong Park, a vista is created to provide a connection to Katong Park, hinting at the heart of the site. The zones framing the vista act as a tear into the fabric of time, displaying the original features of the flyover in a new light. With this layout, I create instances of the liveliness of the past as well as the contemplativeness of the present.

Overall Plan
Overall elevation

Vehicle Module Concept (click to enlarge)

The SUV is used as a representative of the upcycled vehicles since it is the most common car in Singapore. During the process of scraping, the leather seats can be used for upholstery furniture and the tires are either resold or used as pavement. Left with a shell, the vehicle can be repurposed to contain people, goods and enjoyable memories.

Taking reference from the negative and positive moments of Katong Park, the idea of forcing apart due to the bombings and the gathering due to the recreational spaces will be implemented. By splitting and pulling the vehicle apart, voids are created to allow people to gather and have shared experiences together.

Module plans and sections (click to enlarge)

This arrangement allows for flexible use of space where people can choose to set up pop-up stalls, organise workshops and even find refuge in the higher levels or lower ceiling heights.

Artist impression of the Car Park Flyover