Youthniverse | Sheryl Mah, Ian Chung, Ryann Yeo

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Option Studio: Youth-Topia II
Instructor: Jackson Tan, Adib Jalal

Youthniverse is a speculative theme park concept along the Somerset belt that hopes to be happy revitalisation of not only the space but more so the greater youth population.


Happiness is such a common idea understood by many. However, In Singapore, our lifestyles don’t reflect it. The stressors in our environment have caused many of our youths to be depressed and anxious. Hence our team intends to propose the use of “happy architecture” as the medicine to revitalise this stressful generation.

Site Map

And since somerset belt is a place where youth congregates, this serves as an optimal site to intervene and care for our youths

In addition, with the recent URA master plans to create a city green belt along orchard road. Since the somerset belt where our theme park will be located is in close proximity, we hope to ride on this green corridor to extend the green route through our project to invite more human traffic – as can be seen by the green dotted line.

Concept Diagram

Defining Happiness

Our theme park hopes to be the happy pill for our youths in SG. But more than just helping them feel good which is a superficial feeling, we hope that their experience here would help them to function well.

In essence, its a theme park for happiness through fun and meaningful means that benefits youth wellbeing.

As Happiness is subjective, our team have defined happiness to be created and delivered via these following faculties, the Mind, Body and Heart which covers the entire spectrum of the youths needs- their cognitive, physical and emotional development. Under these headers are sub definitions that we have decided to govern our programmes on site.

Happiness Intersection Map

Similar to all theme parks with their various fun themed worlds, we have transformed the 3 faculties of the mind body and heart into villages that youths can visit. Moreover, we see that the mind, body and heart intersects one another at various points and especially how they all converge at 111 somerset as the collective village. 

Material Flow Analysis

This material flow analysis shows us the exchange of energy and material flows both within and into the site, giving us an image on how we can create a theme park sustainably.


Mind Village

The Mind village is located within Scape and consists of creative activities targeted towards keeping the users informed in a fun way.

Body Village

The body village is intended to be a fun, physical space which stimulates the users as well as encourage them to discover and explore new things.

Heart Village

The heart village is a peaceful and zen space filled with positivity. The heart village is a restorative space that acts as a healing retreat for the heart, filled with various activities which allow the users to find peace and be one with their emotions.

Mind-Body Tower

The mind body tower which incorporates activities that considers physical and mental fun. We introduce programmes such as puzzle mazes and an art gallery climb to stimulate both creativity and discovery among our youths.

Body-Heart Tower

The body heart tower incorporates activities that relates to both the physical and emotional conditions of the youth.

Mind-Heart Zone


From an initial impediment on site, 111 interchange has now been transformed into the collective village where mind body and heart activities congregate. At the interchange, youths will be able to participate in fun collective activities such as an indoor concert or engaging in a  competitive game of laser tag in the battle arena.

Section and Plan

Youthniverse is filled with tons of fun activities with differing levels of intensities, appealing to a wide range of people. It is a fun destination for both thrill seekers and even people who just want to achieve inner peace. These drawings show how the different villages and towers come together to form a bigger picture.

This video shows the point of view of a youth John, on his experience at Youthniverse, showing how the Youthniverse app creates a specially curated itinerary for a day of fun at Youthniverse.