08 Detailed Drawings

Suite Room Bathroom Plan
Suite Room Bathroom Section A

The drawings shown are drawn for the bathroom of the suite room, which is the biggest bathroom in this boutique hotel. I wanted to create a beautiful space with a luxurious experience for one to enjoy. The bathroom shows a double vanity counter where a couple can get ready together. Sandblasted element on the mirror allows for great lighting for one to get ready for the day, especially when putting on makeup. The toilet and shower area are separated so that both areas can be used by different people at the same time. In addition, the addition of a bathtub adds an elevated level of luxury in this space. The bathroom also plays with a great use of different marble. The expanded mesh screen facade will allow for more ventilation into the bathroom, while providing privacy with the creepers that grow on it.

I will continue to work on Section B, which will describe the details through the vanity counter.

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