Week 1-2: Understanding Dysthymia in the elderly

Nurul Nabilah Izzati (1002873)
‘Invisible Dialogues’ Studio

In these first two weeks, we were tasked to identify a mental health condition and a target group (for future design intervention). I decided to work on a topic called dysthymia. Dysthymia is a persistent depressive disorder, affecting people for extended periods of time. With reference to online library resources, it is evident that this order is highly treatable and yet, most of its affected individuals go on with their lives without recognizing their symptoms. As for the target group, I have chosen to work on the elderly, due to an amalgamation of factors. With these ideas in mind, I am now at the stage of trying to envision what the desired design intervention will look like. For now, I am looking to design a elderly-centric recreation center to alleviate dysthymic patterns relating to social isolation and feelings of hopelessness.

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