Rethinking Singapore Sports Spaces: Week 3

Partner: Munshi Toh

In this week, students of the studio are tasked to understand the needs of a chosen sport, and design a space that caters to those needs. The designed spaces should have 3 planes, 5m from one another and have factors: Sunlight, Topography and Views taken into account.

Running tracks have always been flat, and exposed to the sun. With the aim of creating new variations in the sport, slopes have been introduced to the tracks to give the tracks a 3D form, and at the same time bring new challenges and excitement to the sport. With tracks layered over one another, the tracks that wrap around the topography also shades the otherwise exposed tracks, providing a more welcoming environment to engage in. The two hills featured within the tracks that are the viewpoints of the venue also serve another purpose of tying the different levels of running tracks together.

40m x 40m voxel of the final Iteration


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