The ‘Invisible’ Dialogues – Built Environment & Masterplanning | Keith Lim

Week 3


This week the problem statement was more defined, in setting in stone the demographic and zooming largely focusing on the purpose of this project. The mental condition chosen was Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It is one of the six most concerning mental illness in Singapore and there is a growing trend among Singaporeans, particularly the young working adults, which accounts for the largest increase in the number of diagnosed cases in the past six years.


This site I have chosen is an empty plot of land that sits on the Kampong Bugis masterplan. This presents on opportunity for me as the green and sustainable theme for the masterplan is in line with what I hope to achieve with the elements of nature, to create and office and provides a de-densified perception of the heavily urbanised area. This is in line with what is shown on the masterplan on various paths that could be potentially used to develop into waterfront and nature trails.


The masterplan is much more defined now and there is a clear direction of where the studio is heading to, but there are still a few things to define such as the gestures that tie the whole area together, other than having the blue and green pathways.


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