Week 3 | Georgetown, Malaysia | Culinary Arts Center

I am designing a culinary arts center for the public such that it engages both the local community and visitors to experience and appreciate Penang cuisine, and support aspiring new chefs in the area of Penang cuisine.

For this week, the studio further investigated the the programs within the site chosen previously and the various spatial requirements of each program. Programs unique to each project were analyzed and organized accordingly. Some of the method of analysis includes program adjacency matrix, listing the ground areas of each program and bubble diagrams illustrating the hierarchy and adjacency of the different programs.

Program adjacency matrix

For the project, some of the programs included the culinary arts center include a restaurant, workshop kitchen for visitors to experience the process and history behind Penang cuisine and a culinary teaching classroom to educate young aspiring chefs taking up traditional local cuisine and supporting their efforts.

List of programs and arrangement
Program bubble diagram

The programs within the culinary arts center are split into 3 levels based on the nature of the programs and level of privacy of each function. The first floor is the most accessible and public area consisting of the restaurant and admin facilities for the building, followed by the workshop kitchen for visitors to experience making local cuisine located on the second level, and lastly the culinary teaching facilities such as the teaching kitchen and classroom on the third level of the building.


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