W3: Iterative Furniture Design

Preliminary Sketches

The set of furniture is designed with the intention of creating a fun modern setting for the Smart Senior Learning Centre. The side profile of the chair is further explored, with a focus of breaking down a chair into its basic horizontal and vertical elements. To design a chair that is both functional and aesthetic for the elderly, a second arm rest is introduced to help elderly sit down and get up. The preliminary sketches are shown below, showing the intentional dissection of a chair element.

1:5 Scale Model

Models are made to test the structural integrity of the conceptual chair. The chair on the left is more stable than the one on the right, however I intend to find a balance between the two in following iterations. The chair on the right has more playful character, brought about by the disjoined elements. The choice of material which is 1mm black cardboard ,is not optimal for structural testing and the chair legs started to become wobbly after some time. The next iteration will be using 3mm plywood instead.

2nd Iteration Sketches

Following the preliminary sketch ideas, a second set of sketches is created, based on the idea of having Chinese Chess characters as the side profile. Chinese Chess is something the elderly at Chinatown really loves. The sketch shows how Chinese Chess characters are abstracted into their characteristic strokes and further simplified into a somewhat recognizable form. The base of the form is also wider, to allow more structural stability. The forms are then selected based on complexity, to be modelled into either chair, table or shelves. The last picture shows how such a chair might look like.


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