Week 4: Site visit observations & justifications for the chosen site

Nurul Nabilah Izzati (1002873)
‘Invisible Dialogues’ Studio

I am studying my chosen site (Blk 7 King George Avenue) for the elderly such that I am able to understand their micro behaviors and the gaps in the existing community spaces such as void decks, coffee shops and senior activity centres.

This week, I followed up on my choice of site by doing a site visit and photo-documenting interesting features and micro behaviors that were not visible on Google Maps. Some of these observations were the lack of typical void deck seating for the elderly folks of this block, as well as the uneven surfacing of the green site itself. These are features to be drawn out in site plans. In addition, I did background studies on the ‘unlivable’ elements of such rental flat blocks (as seen in the sketches), to add on to the justifications of the site and make it an even more compelling case for a design intervention.

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