Week 4 | The ‘Invisible’ Dialogues | Alzheimer’s Disease

The ‘Invisible’ Dialogues | Alzheimer’s Disease by See Tow Jo Wee

This week, I am studying the various aspects of daily life that become more difficult in a neighborhood and home for elderly with Alzheimer’s Disease such that adjustments can be made for them to still go about their daily lives even with the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Further refinements were made to the studies done last week as well as more in-depth analysis of Block 8 which will be the building of intervention.

The block analysis looked at the volumetric composition of the housing block which were efficiently packed such that floors with living units only had circulatory space and a small bit of unspecified space which residents use to store items. The only area which was catered to social interaction was a small corner of the void deck which was a residents’ corner, packed with tables and chairs. However, these areas are not well utilized with most of the elderly in the area gathering by the small roads and outside the coffeeshop instead. In addition, King George’s Avenue Senior Activity Centre is a small SAC which is completely walled up and holds a lot of potential for improvements to make it a better utilized area for seniors in the area.

Block analysis

A unit analysis was also done for the 1 room rental units available in the block. The potential danger zones were identified to act as baseline considerations for what adjustments would have to be done to the units when redesigning.

Unit analysis

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