‘Invisible Dialouges’ – Durgaa

This week (5) , i analysed the triggers that are within the unit in terms of layout and daylight.

Lack of daylight in the homes is a potential trigger for addicts as it does not make them energetic and waking up feeling lethargic is a large trigger for addicts to crave a drink first thing in the morning. In addition, spatial triggers may arise from clutter at home and a lack of proper organization of things at home. This could lead to them misplacing items in the morning rush and forgetting them which would almost instantly make their day a bad one, hence crave a drink. This is because of an addict’s low frustration tolerance which causes experience emotional disturbance when frustrations are not quickly resolved. Besides spatial triggers, visual triggers also play an important role in recovery and the prevention of relapse. Addicts would need hobby spaces and a good visual connection to the outside, hence serving as a distraction and a quick remedy to their irritations.


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