Week 10 | Georgetown, Malaysia | Culinary Arts Center

I am designing a facade for both the front and back of the arts center to express the contemporary design along with the preservation of the old infrastrcuture and its history.

As part of the design process for the exterior of the shophouse, the studio explored different facade designs that could be adapted to the shophouses to address elements such as sunlighting, weather and even materialiality of the infrastructure itself.

Sample front facade
Sample back facade

For the chosen site, the front facade employs the steel scaffolding and support strcuture by preserving them as the facade design to retain its historical significance. Through the use of materials such as steel from the scaffolding standing in contrast with the restored concrete shophouse front, the facade aims to express a contemporary design that honors the history behind the architecture while rejuvenating it at the same time.

Sample section perspective (work in progress)
Sample section perspective (work in progress)

The design language is also consistent within the interior spaces of the building through the preservation and adaptation of some of the existing elements, such as the party walls and the iconic courtyard.


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