The ‘Invisible’ Dialogues – Mapping of Home to Office Spaces

Qualities of Home

After ideating on the different spaces last week, another layer of ideation was added by exploring the qualities of working from home and the qualities of home. Working from home has become a large part of the working life of many professionals and some firms such as Twitter has considered the option of losing the office permanently, even after the pandemic. People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder have a frequent episode, and this meant that they would need a safe space to release their emotions, which brought me to explore the qualities of a house.

In this study, the paper “The Psychology of Home Environments: A Call for Research on Residential Space’ by a group of researchers from 3 different universities was referenced. People were asked to categorize the different spaces in their homes into 6 categories namely, restoration, kinship, storage, stimulation, intimacy and productivity, which were further broken down into further 26 subcategories. Spaces that are related to  9 subcategories that were related to office spaces were chosen to be evaluated.

Privacy – Privacy is needed during an episode

Rejuvenation – Rejuvenation is need after an episode

Relaxation – Relaxation is need to to prevent an episode

Togetherness – Having the feeling of family 

Cozy – Coziness helps in one to feel cocooned in a space (safe space to release emotion context)

Inviting – Feeling of being welcomed to the office (lobby context)

Safety – Feeling safe helps to prevent edginess (open plan office context)

Comfort – Comfort helps them to be at ease (safe space or working space context)

Productivity – A quality of office

These spaces are evaluated, and elements were extracted to formulate the design of the office, coupled with the ideation of office spaces ideated last week. Link to research paper below.


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