W10: Elderly-Friendly Public Space

By Syed Ali Fatima & Tiffany Christy

We are designing a public space for elderly such that it is elderly friendly and caters for e-learning.

The plaza of Old Man Square is located in between Chinatown Complex, where elderly can be seen gathering in larger group, and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, where they are seen to be in smaller groups or alone. Responding to those, we hope to design a space that attracts elderly by having configurations to cater for different types of interaction. Moreover, 3 themes will be available as programs, which include the Knowledge Zone (for active mind), Fitness Zone (for physcial health), and Social Zone (for interaction between users). Zonings are positioned such that it relates to the surrounding building and gives a familiar environment to attract the elderly to use the space.

  1. Knowledge Zone
    A space to stimulate elderly’s mind to be active. This is done by having interactive boards of interesting information about certain topics and mind games, where a user has to turn the “wheel” to move the pictures/ information.
  2. Fitness Zone
    A space for the elderly to exercise their body to improve health and well-being. Individual equipment and space for mass group exercising will be available. Some equipment is connected to sprinkler for plants and adjustable furniture which can be activating by doing exercises on the equipment.
  3. Social Zone
    A space to encourage communication between users. Furniture configurations are designed such that it promotes interaction for all ages.

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