Week 10: Metamorphic Hospital

Contextual Collage to Summarize Project

We created a context collage to better convey our project to the jury. Moving from the top row down our idea was to create different curvatures in the roof which would affect the airflow underneath it which would then influence the programs which we placed underneath the roof. The modular nature of the programs underneath it allow for us to switch the hospital between various modes easily. For example the first mode could be during a pandemic period and more spaces could be set aside for wards and the flexibility of the canopy allows for one to switch to a second mode of care which could be the rehabilitation spaces required post-pandemic.

Micro Transformation of Canopy

In addition at a more micro level the pneumatic system in the ceiling would be able to change and to adapt to the a single patient according to the stage of recovery the patient might be at in their care pathway. These changes are informed by the changes in their metabolic rate throughout their recovery stages. Some examples of the changes to the pneumatic canopy would be for example the inflation of the canopy to increase the heat resistance of the canopy reducing the temperature of the canopy underneath.

In addition we have started to work on the comments from the mid review with external critics.


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