Week 10 Update

The progress of the cities appears to become a natural separation from nature. Work and nature seem to be the polar opposite in modern society. Yet, it can work wonders when the two are intertwined to form the public space of the future. In this proposal I implement many lift cores to accommodate for the expanse of the building..
The building consists of a wall-like structure that surrounds the site, the building part is entirely in the air as a means to be separated from the park on the ground. This allows sufficient sunlight that will breath life into the trees and other plantations. The columns will be like the artificial forest that blend in perfectly with the trees.

The greenery continues on the rooftop as part of the public space like the landscape below, terraces are created at strategic locations where the best views in the city are not blocked by the surrounding tall building.
The diagram shows the considerations of the building operations.

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