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In Singapore, given the dense urban environment, the hectic lifestyle, as well as an ageing population, it is important to raise awareness about mental health. Located in 14 Gemmil Lane, GENESIS@14 is a public social service centre that incorporates more than just offices, social services and social spaces. The wellness centre also incorporates services such as counselling, Twenty-four-hour call services and caregiver or volunteer training.




The primary purpose of the centre is to encourage mental wellness in the midst of a hectic work-life, hence the centre is located in the middle of the busy Chinatown neighbourhood. This venture also seeks to create conducive and private workspaces centred on employees’ wellbeing; that is integrated within these public spaces. As one walks into this safe space, one can find quietness – a contrast to what is outside of the building.

One can experience comfort and rest amongst the public pools and pockets of meditative green spaces that have been purposefully carved out. The design revolves around the play of light and shadows to enhance both visual aspects and mental wellness. The sound of water and the calmness of lush greenery adds to the experience of the place.






The first floor is mainly for public space. I have green spaces for rest and they have natural sunlight coming through as seen in the top picture. It also has as an activity room that acts as a multipurpose room. It has 2 entry points and operable bifold doors in the middle to separate out spaces if needed. This room can be an activity area for the public. Workshops and such can be also held here. As you can see from the second render, allowing users to control the façade gives them options in varying the sunlight level and privacy level.

Because of the unusual shape of the building, there is a need for built in furniture as such.


Next, level 2 holds the more private programs such as the counselling rms and training rms. There are a total of 4 counselling rms, 2 for individual counselling and 2 for group. The training room is a room for volunteers and caregivers to receive adequate training and practice. The counselling rms and training rms are divided by a void, with Loose furniture spaced out around the circulation area for people to wait or rest in quietness. I also gave sufficient spaces for rest within the training rms and placed public spaces only on 1st and top level so as to ensure clients receive privacy in this level. As you can see, it is important for the clients to be able to control the façade so that they are able to feel more comfortable

Upholstery long sofas are included in counselling rms as they can double off as a day bed in scenarios where by clients wants to lie down.
In fact, counsellors themselves can make use of the beds when there isn’t  clients, when they need a rest due to their hectic schedule and late nights, especially since this is a 24hr service


Level 3 are office spaces. With the general office, call centre, ce room, pantry and even a resting room. The office level have a 24h call centre for people to call in to talk and it is located away from the other parts of the office as noise is not wanted in that area. There are rest areas for workers to take a nap because of the nature of the work, with lockers for them there. Since this is the third level, windows can be implemented onto the right side of the building, allowing natural light to enter. There is also an open air balcony for workers to take a break in fresh air.

For the 24h call centre, workstations are separated by acoustic panels. It is also specified that all cabinet doors are made with soft closing mechanism as it is crucial that the office is as quiet as possible



a modern reinterpretation the windows of the neighboring shophouses that have wooden slits and open outwards
A research was done by a group of architects about how shadows affects the mood of a space. In short, it was proven that wavy pattern produces the most calming effect. Hence, the façade of the building is made of wave like jalousies that are able to open and close.
This is the back view of the building showing its façade when its fully open, half open, and fully closed
different part of the façade are controlled separately., giving users the choice of amount of sunlight or privacy they want in each space

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