Week 13: Waste Euphoria

The project explored how waste could be used as a resource to build a communtiy for the marginalised in Jakarta, Indonesia.

This shows how the community could grow as the rising sea level becomes more apparent within the region. The growth of the community corespond to the rising need from the marginalised community as their homes are being taken away as the sea level continue to rise. In the inital stage, the main recycling facility will be set up. These facility would become the main anchors for the different activites that happens within the community, with housing attached to it. As the community start to grow, the nearby slums, that has been washed up by the rising sea level will become the new form of resource, forming communities within each fractal. Within each fractel are 3 main components, the recycling facility, housing and aquaculture.

The zoom in masterplan shows how the different components of the project interface with each other. The 3 main componets of recycing, housing and the aquaculture on the site. The 3 main components come together to form small communities that are self-sutaining as the materials from the landfills would be recycled to be used as raw materials for housing, the mirco-algae culture within the housing providing the community with energy and clean water. Last but not least the aquaculture that is being grown within the fractel provide the community with food.

This is an artist impression of how the housing could possibly be with the microalgae facade as they provide the community with clean water, air and energy.

This is an artist impression of the aquaculture cultivation as it continues to grow.

This shows how the different componets of the 3 main systems, the aquaculure, the recycling systems as well as the housing modules come together to form a harmonous community that is able to self-sustain as the waste gets recycled and reused within the community.

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