Week 13: Final Review

Elvin Kee and Chiew Jia Hui

“Pop up goes the ____ !”

Project Statement

There is a need for greater flexibility in existing healthcare infrastructure to transform and adapt to changing circumstances based on surge and ordinary demand. To address these needs, the proposal aims to present a model for creating deployable enclosures, self-formed by pneumatic stress, creating spaces which are quickly fabricated and deployed based on immediate spatial needs as well as withstand changing internal pressures for disease control.

An exercise in applying the generic to the specialized, the pneumatic self forming system we worked on was applied to the entrance of the A&E at Changi General Hospital as a means of dividing the flows of visitors, patients and suspected COVID-19 cases.

Benefits and issues with using self-forming inflatables in relation to traditional structures.
Basic linear array of “diamond” seams. Each diamond and adjacent air pocket functions as a bi-stable joint when filled with air
Inflation of larger diamond array to form barrel
Pre-constrained diamond array presents opportunity for smaller footprint

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