Week 13: Final Review

We designed an elderly friendly urban garden that extend the use of digital tools and digital knowledge to promote active ageing while having close connection with nature. Our project is called Active Forest.

For active forest, we designed an urban garden that provides shade for the elderly during the day and provides lit social places for the elderly to gather. We did this by providing green spaces for cooling during the day, fitness corners for the elderly to keep fit and also Places of rest for the elderly to gather together. We did collages to study where the elderly like to sit, and how they interact with green spaces and also the activities they engage in. We found out that the elderly like to play chess and they like to sit in public spaces and on stairs and ramps and they also like the cooling environment provided by the greenery.

Our project uses three different unit_ places of rest, places of fitness and places of greenery and gardening. We use kit of part to repeat the units throughout the old man square. We used a Chinese lamp to provide light and a canopy with familiar pattern to provide shelter.

We then used a series of renders to show how the elderly would use the space.

Render 1: Entrance

Render 2: Welcome Booth

Render 3: Places to exercise.

Render 4: Places to socialize

Render 5: QR code can be scanned to learn how to do particular exercises.

Render 6: QR code can be scanned to learn about horticulture and how to take care of certain flora.

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