Course Overview

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Course description
Sustainable Design Option Studios 2 & 3 is a cross-listed module continuing the series of sustainable design studio options taught in previous term(s), and explore the multi-dimensional issues of sustainable design through a variety of lenses and at diverse temporal and spatial scales. Issues of land scarcity, demographic shift, material and typological innovation, food security, conservation, soundscape and other critical issues will serve as the projective context in which students will develop critical design solutions for small, medium and large scale architectures and urban interventions.

1.2 Design Projects
The precise operational directives, briefs and specific sites, will be defined by the individual design critics in separate yet interconnected studio options. Each of these individual studio options will be led by ASD faculty and/or visiting professors, and culminate in a speculative final project that will articulate architecturally specific positions regarding sustainable design in real world projects. The descriptions of the individual studio options for Summer 2020 are listed in section 5.

1.3 Learning Objectives
At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Identify issues of sustainable design in relation to socioeconomic, demographic and cultural trends, through the analysis of literature and review of architectural precedents
  • Perform rigorous site analysis and map the site conditions
  • Critique a project brief and develop strong, generative sustainable design concepts
  • Translate design concepts into meaningful architectural and/or urban propositions at appropriate scales and levels of granularity
  • Create convincing arguments for the design propositions and persuasive visual and tangible evidence

1.4 Measurable Outcomes

  • Interpret the sustainable parameters and other issues of relevance to the project using drawings and diagrams
  • Respond to a specific project brief and a specific context with a meaningful design concept
  • Produce coherent architectural representations and models at sufficient levels of detail
  • Communicate convincingly sustainable design propositions in the form of renderings, drawings, simulations, models

2.0 Course Schedule
Studio is based on a 14-week schedule, from 17 May 2021 to 20 August 2021. Lessons held weekly except week 7, Recess from 27 June 2021 to 4 July 2021.

2.1 Weekly lessons
Tuesday 2-6pm, Architecture Studio 3 – 6
Thursday 2-6pm, Architecture Studio 3 – 6

2.2 Mid-term review
Week 6

2.3 Final review
Week 13

2.4 Studio options
There are 8 studio options for Summer 2020.

InstructorStudio Title
Andrew LeeSmart Senior Learning Centre
Calvin ChuaTourism New Deal
Bianca GillThe ‘Invisible’ Dialogues
Daniel WhittakerRehabilitation and Reuse
Eva Castro
Federico Ruberto
Form Axioms II
Jason Lim
Christine Yogiaman
Zheng Kai
Breathe: Healing Architecture
Kenneth TracyShaping CBD Futures II
Carlos BanonRethinking Singapore Sports Spaces

3.0 Notices

  • Plagiarism
    Students are reminded that plagiarism is not acceptable at SUTD, all works should be original with proper credits given where applicable.
  • Originality of work
    The work must represent the student’s own effort. Work cannot be substantively done by another including outsourcing.
  • Submissions and presentations
    All submissions and presentations are compulsory for all students; unless prior excuse with valid reason has been sought and approved by studio lead. Failure to meet any required items will result in grade penalty.
  • Warning Letters
    In the case where someone is underperforming, students will be issued with a formal warning letter. These are taken seriously with the intent not to be overly punitive but to give students timely warning, so they may seek support and resolve the issues and graduate successfully.
  • Selected works
    Selected models and other materials may be retained by the school for use in accreditation and moderation, and also for display as representations of option studio’s work.
  • Studio use
    Students are responsible for the orderly and tidy use of the studio spaces. This includes dedicated times at the end for cleaning up which must be attended by all. Any infringement or disturbance to the space of others may be subject to punitive action.
  • Guidelines for COVID-19
    Students are reminded to adhere to the measures put in place to minimise spread of COVID-19:
    Social distancing of at least 2m should be kept at all times
    There should be no sharing of workstations in studio. Students must use only their assigned desks and studio. Students must not enter non-assigned studios unless prior permission is sought.
    Students must only use the studio at assigned time slots and days.
    Anyone found in violation will be barred from studio use for the term.
    Masks should be worn at all times in public

4.0 Other matters

For curriculum matters, please approach your respective studio instructors or studio TA, Tay Jing Zhi at

For administrative assistance, please approach ASD office: (M.Arch); (UG); (studio & materials)