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Contrasting to the given examples which mostly looks rigid and “orderly”, I wanted to explore the possibility of creating a curvy, chaotic yet smooth aggregation… Read More »Tangled

Upside Up

Upside Up explores the potential of control using rule grammars and the basic unit geometry. By limiting the amount of sideways branching across all units, a subtle form of directional control could be achieved within the aggregation, due to the inherent property of the single individual. As such, this agglomeration employs a purely bottom-up approach to control, removing the need for relatively top-down approaches such as the use of a volume boundary or field condition


Coralina explores ball and socket joint form using Kangaroo which becomes the aggregate parts for Wasp algorithm. This is an example of how we can create a complex network of corals on Rhino and Grasshopper quickly and efficiently.